About Me


My Yoga journey started in the summer of 2009 after a layoff from my job in publishing of nineteen years. I was very interested in the physical practice of yoga and meditation and had been taking classes here and there, but never stuck to it. So when I found myself with lots of time on my hands, I signed up at my local studio. My new workday was yoga class !


I tried every type of class at any level. Whatever called to me was the class I went to, any time of day or night. I loved every minute of it. I immediately began to notice how much better I felt. My body felt stronger and more flexible, the aches and pains went away, and my back pain started to subside. I began to pay attention to my diet, my breath, my actions and words. Overall I felt really calm. Nothing set me off or upset me. Inner peace was working its way in.


Six months later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. And I embraced this new journey, just like I embraced my yoga journey. As I sat through appointments with doctors, surgeons, oncologists and radiation doctors, I remembered what it was like to be on my mat, blissful. I would just breath, knowing this was temporary and I would get through it. So many times an asana would challenge me and I would embrace it, and when it was over I was relaxing in Savasana. That was cancer. It would challenge me and I would embrace it, and when it was over, I would return to inner peace. And I did.


What an amazing journey this is...