Not being a person of my word... Day 4

I committed myself to one yoga class per day, for the next 90 days. If you could do anything for a straight 90 days, it is likely it will become a part of your daily life. I need to practice yoga! This isn't a bet I have, or some organization I joined, it is just a committement to myself. On day 4 I broke that committment. I could not get to a class, so I rolled out my mat and practiced at home. Nothing wrong with that, except I broke my word to myself, my integrity, the only thing that is true for myself. And if I could break my word to myself, what other havoc could I let happen. So today, Day 5, I went to a warm flow yoga class at YogaFlex, and then another class at Gentle Strength Yoga, and then I taught my usual 7:00 pm class. Home practice is great, minus the phone calls and the cat walking across my yoga mat, but it wasn't what I committed to, and that bothered me. I made up for it today. The class at YogaFlex was just what I needed, a sort of re-boot for myself, my health, my yoga, and my word. WORD UP!