Day 11 - Why I choose to practice at home

I am committed to 90 days of yoga, and I learn something about myself each day. I did a lot of soul searching about this. What exactly do I want out of a straight 90 days of yoga?

Getting Healthy

A Better Diet

Strengthening and Flexibility for my body

Connecting to my soul

Being a better Teacher



And more that I haven't discovered yet

Getting to a class everyday, isn't easy. I know, you know. But practicing yoga, anywhere, at home, in the office, a mindful walk around the block, sitting in meditation for a few minutes...this is all yoga. Today and yesterday, I brought my practice home. It wasn't long, just 30 minutes. I choose my poses, length of breath, and movement anyway I wanted. I heard all of my teachers speak to me as I worked on alignment, breath, and stillness. It was the best gift I gave myself. I still owe myself one more class or home practice.