Yoga Practice - Waaaayyyy off the mat

Day 20 - Yoga off the mat is not easy. What is it? Not Asana practice, but the other 7 limbs of Yoga.

Dhyana - Meditation - Did a lot of that as I sat, not moving, watching traffic lights turn from green to red, and back again as I had to travel around Manhattan and the Bronx.

Ahimsa (one of the 5 Yamas) - non-harming. I didn't run anyone over while trying to drive through the intersections of NYC. That was really hard.

Pranayama - Breathing - Lots and lots of breathing so I would remain calm watching little old ladies walk in front of my car, when the light was green.

Svadyaya (one of the Niyamas) - Self-Study. I learned I hate driving in the city during the holidays.